What is Rethink Church + Rethink Mission?

The Rethink Church + Rethink Mission event grew out of meetings between Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love and founder of We Are Church, Andrew Scott, author of Scatter Global and president of Operation Mobilization (OM), and David Platt, author of Radical, President of the International Mission Board and Pastor-Teacher at McLean Bible Church.

They share a desire to exhort Jesus Followers to “rethink” our regular way of doing things. The Rethink Church + Rethink Mission evening will feature 3 sessions: Rethink Our Lives, Rethink Missions and Rethink Church.

When is the Rethink Church + Rethink Mission event?

The Rethink Church + Rethink Mission event will take place on Friday, October 12, 2018, at 7 PM. Doors open at 5:30 PM.

Where will the ReThink Church + ReThink Mission event be held?

The ReThink Church + ReThink Mission event is hosted by McLean Bible Church at their Tysons Corner location. The street address is 8925 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA. Parking is available onsite in a large parking garage. 

Please join us in the main lobby and auditorium on the second floor. Elevators are available inside or use stairs to the upper level of the parking garage. Outdoor “walkover” from the garage will take you directly into the main lobby on the second floor.

What should I expect? What do I wear?

Everyone is welcome! Our evening will feature sessions with all 3 main speakers plus worship and prayer time together. Dress is “come as you are” with many folks coming straight from work and others dressed casually for the weekend.

Will the Café be open and serving food and beverages?

Yes! The wonderful Café inside McLean Bible Church will be open and serving dinner, snacks, and beverages at 5:30 PM. Please come and enjoy a meal together onsite before the program begins.

Will last minute tickets be available at the door if I want to bring a friend?

Yes! You can purchase tickets at the door on October 12th. The price will be $5 more.

Will there be downloads available?

Yes! Our goal for the ReThink Church + ReThink Mission event is for EVERY attendee to download and share the event recordings with their friends and neighbors. The download price is included with your entry ticket.

Will child care be available on October 12th?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide child care and due to liability issues, our event is not set up to accommodate small children in attendance.

However, please note, that while we do not offer a children’s admission ticket, parents are welcome to purchase a regular admission ticket for children that are old enough to listen to lectures and would enjoy the experience.

What if I can’t make the event? Will it be available online?

Yes! The live broadcast of the ReThink Church + ReThink Mission event will be available through our website or our facebook event page here.

We hope you’ll join us!