What has God asked for and have we missed it?​

Friday, October 12  /  7pm  /  Vienna, VA

Did you miss the event on October 12th?  No problem!  You can access the full length video sessions for free!

David Platt

Author of Radical &
President of the International Mission Board

Francis Chan

Author of Crazy Love &
Founder of We Are Church

Andrew Scott

Author of Scatter &
President of OM USA

There is an unacceptable discrepancy between God’s vision for the church and ours.


But right now, 3 Billion of them live where the church is not seen or known. Millions more live near us and don't know His love. 


But right now, our church models have focused on the few up front. What if every Jesus follower lived as a disciple-maker?


But right now, we hang back because our concept of God's work is narrow. Could God's plan for His kingdom involve His unique design of you?

A One-Night event casting a clear vision for every Christian to leverage their life for the church and mission.

B R O U G H T   T O   Y O U   B Y